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NTI – custom-made electronics services center

Electronics services:

Our company has high standards regarding all electronics’ fields and the services we provide for industries and leading electronics companies. Due to experience and involvement in development and manufacturing processes, under any classification and for various industries in Israel and worldwide, we can provide high-quality electronics services.

We provide custom-made electronics services for any client, while keeping precision and standardization for the outcomes and services we provide our clients. Thanks to 15 years of professional experience in providing electronics services to high-tech companies, security industries, medical industries etc., we can face any challenge and any complexity until full satisfaction of every client.


Electronics manufacturing

Throughout the years, we established a professionals’ array for all stages involved in the electronics manufacturing process, stages that are required for the set-up of entire production lines. We can provide professional planning and many solutions, thanks to extensive experience and knowledge in all existing electronics fields. We offer our clients personal consultation throughout all developing processes, from initial manufacturing to any scale and amount industrial manufacturing. It is guaranteed, throughout the entire process, adherences to high-quality and optimal electronics performances for maximization of each stage, from initial planning and developing stages, until final quality manufacturing in Israel and worldwide. We can manage electronics procurement, including supervision of electronics components and products’ import, in any required amount and quality, while managing the entire process for our clients, including producing reports and managing the process, complying with high standards.


A team of professionals that guarantees our clients, significant advantages. Skillful team in all electronics services for all clients, services that are fully customized to clients’ needs. Professional team to all electronics services, including consulting services, support services, planning services, manufacturing services, electronics developing services, engineering services, electronics solutions, weak points’ prediction, and malfunctions’ prevention. Moreover, we provide manufacturing and assembling services for electronics systems of any kind and testing their proper operation in a thorough and professional manner. Lab services including tidy and clean lab rooms, professional working stations and advanced equipment. We provide the most quality electronics services in this field and comply with any electronics requirement for any field, business, or industry.

Technology Stack:

C, C ++, CAN, RTOS, Cortex, SPI, I2C, MQTT, RS485, ESP32, ModBus, ZigBee, LoRa, ST, SiLabs, NXP, TI, RISC-V, FE310, FPGA.

Technology Stack:

development (debugging and testing) firmware for 8 and 32 bit MCUs. Experience with peripherals (UART, SPI, I2C, etc.) and independent data streams, DMA

Software for Windows:

control of external devices via Ethernet, WI-FI, Bluetooth, RS485, RS232 and USB protocols. Web and mobile application for data management and analysis.

PCB Layout:

NTI Electronics provides the highest quality custom PCB design and layout services. Experience in the practical application of design rules for high-speed circuits: differential pairs, buses with length / impedance control PCI, PCI-E, DDR2 / DDR3, Ethernet, USB, etc. Experience in tracing analog circuits: switching / linear power supplies, ADC-DAC, measuring circuits Compliance with DFM, DFA, DFT, and the international IPC standards.

PCB Assembly:

NTI Electronics provides complete manufacturing solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers. PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few prototype units to any quantity, including mass production

PCB Assembly Capabilities:

0201s CCGA, LGA Micro BGA/QFN COB CSPs MEMs/MCMs BGA reballing and rework Fine pitch, high pin count press fit connectors Flip chip RoHS Compliant

Rework and Soldering:

We offer soldering and rework services to security companies, high-tech companies and startups in the commercial and private sector. Our team of engineers are proficient in all stages of development and component testing, sensitive BGA soldering and rework for any purpose.
Component upgrade, downgrade or customization according to client needs.
Engineering change order (ECO).
Component repairs.
Component development and testing.
BIOS modification & reverse engineering.
Hardware reverse engineering.
Microscopic repairs.

Prototype Design, Development and Manufacture:

We offer prototype development at all stages, from design to manufacturing for engineers, startup companies and others for beta-testing and research & development purposes.

Our staff:

Our staff includes certified Engineers, Solders, Assemblers, Programmers, IT experts and others, ready to assist you in any capacity.

Whom and how we help


We help to optimize development costs and avoid many mistakes. We bring the prototype to serial production.

Public sector

We carry out development work on time. We prepare documentation for standards. We replace imports and develop an analogue based on domestic components. We set up production in Russia and provide 100% quality control of the shipped products.

Service companies

We help with digitalization. We develop, manufacture, test and support the implementation of new devices with unique functionality at your facility.

System integrators

We select the right technology for a non-standard task. We design and manufacture electronics for Industry 4.0. We provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Trading companies

We organize and control the production of devices under your brand.

Manufacturing companies

We select the most technologically advanced contractor, reduce the cost and the percentage of scrap. We organize automated control of the finished product output.

IT companies

We advise on "hardware" and the intricacies of integration with it. We provide an experienced team to solve specific engineering problems.


We are modernizing outdated equipment. We develop and manufacture unique electronics for scientific purposes.



Multidisciplinary experience for all existing electronics services.


Optimal electronics processes that guarantee our clients, commercial advantages.


Clients are fully involved, in order to achieve full transparency with clients.


High quality equipment that complies with relevant standards, for the most quality products and services.

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